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Calling All Dreamers

Dear Dreamer,

Sometimes life goes unplanned and you're going to feel like you're completely out of control. You'll have done everything you could to make your dreams come to life and it won't work.

You'll do the best you can only to see it fail. After trying over and over you'll think to yourself "What is even the point? Why do I even try?"

You'll see everyone succeeding and you'll wonder "What am I doing that is so wrong?" You'll want to be happy for them but part of you is just envious. You'll consider yourself a failure and feel so stuck.

But it's going to be okay. Sometimes it is in the mess of life that we will find the most peace.

Just because you didn't get it this time doesn't mean you should give up your dream.

Keep trying. Keep believing. It will all work out in time. Just because you've failed does not make you a failure.

Pick yourself up, and even if its baby step by baby step, find a way to move forward.

Look to Him for help. He will guide you, He will give you peace. He may tell you its not time yet, but it will come. Have faith in His timing. He wants you to be happy and He will help your dreams become a reality, in His time.

Don't you ever quit!

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And when all else fails just laugh!

Love always,

Your Fellow Dreamer

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  1. Sierra.. thank you. This is exactly what I needed today.

    1. Oh I'm so glad. I was writing it as more of a reminder to myself, but I'm so happy it helped you too! You rock Shannon!

  2. This is exactly what I've been needing. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes a door closed is the greatest blessing God can give us because it leads us to find an even greater door that is open wide for us to take a leap of faith and go through. We may fall as we take that leap of faith for our dreams, maybe even more than once; but God is always there to catch us and give us that push forward to try again, this time even stronger.


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