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#thankfultuesday - Today

I didn't really sleep last night. Between knowing I had to wake up really early and this horrible pain in my back I was tossing and turning all night. Not to mention I have two events this week and yesterday I felt like I was getting sick. Getting ready was quite painful. Not to mention having to sit in a certain position at all times to avoid too much back pain. You get the picture.

But then I realized....

I'm alive. I may not have slept well but I at least was in a warm bed. My back may hurt really bad but at least I have a chiropractor I can get in with today. I may have felt like I was getting sick yesterday but I have a mother who took time last night to give me a foot zone. 

So after all that complaining I realized I'm thankful for today. I have too much in my life to be grateful for to just complain.

This week I'm grateful for...

1. My parents who brought me home dinner on Friday night after I was stuck in traffic for an hour and only went eight miles.

2. My uncle who came and picked me up from my Saturday run because my feet were going numb.

3. The kids who attending my class on Sunday even though it was the Superbowl.

4. The opportunity I had to see a close family friend, basically a little brother turn his life completely around.

5. My two Brazilians who are always playing match maker for me.

6. My sister who makes me the coolest signature for this blog without even telling me.

7. The hour long phone call I had with one of my favorite people Sunday night. 

8. That I was able to be bold in a meeting yesterday.

9. The opportunity I have to be so involved in my city.

10. The chance I had to watch a movie yesterday about Joseph Smith. And to have my testimony and love for him grow. 

What are you grateful for this week? 

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  1. When I first started reading I was thinking... Chiropractor!! But it looks like you are all set! I went today as well. <3 I keep getting headaches, I'm sure from over crafting, but I'm super grateful for my working hands and eyes so I can continue to craft away even if my neck really hurts and I want a nap! :)

  2. I love that you made this list! I feel like people don't really think about being thankful until November!

    Thanks for linking up with What's Up Wednesday!

  3. I hope that your pain goes away and you begin to feel better!
    So important to remember all the good things even in the midst of the suckiest days. This is such an important exercise to do and keep doing. I'm incredibly thankful for my family who loves me no matter what, and for the freedom and opportunity to explore possibilities for the future!

  4. As always I love your thankful posts! Hope your back feels better. :(


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