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#thankfultuesday - Gratitude = Joy

I don't even feel the need to write about this quote because I think it says it all. You want more joy in your life, be more grateful. The end. 

I'm grateful for.....

1. The wonderful weekend I got to spend with my family. My brother and his family were here from Utah, and my sister and her family were here from Oregon. Saturday was full of Christmas festivities and just pure laughter.

2. Siblings who will still act like kids with me.

3. A wonderful Church meeting on Sunday where it was all about Christ and full of music.

4. Getting to watch and laugh really hard  at Home Alone last night with a new friend. I hadn't seen it in forever!

5. All the new friends I'm making.

6. Getting to make Gingerbread Cookies on Friday night. 

7. That I get to have two days off this week to really celebrate Christmas with my family and friends!

8. I think I say something about my mother every week, but clearly she is awesome. 

9. For my sister who lives with me who always makes sure I'm doing good.

10. For my family. Guys I have the best family. We are far from perfect, but I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING!

What are you grateful for this Christmas week?


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