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I write this as it is raining outside, but that is besides the point because I love the rain. But not as much as I love this quote. I'm the queen of looking for the rainbow until my eyes are dry and starting to tear from too much staring. Hence why I started my #thankfultuesdays. They really help me be thankful for the rain. 

I firmly believe as we stop to thank God for the rain we will find so much more joy in life. We will start seeing the little tender mercies that the Lord is blessing us with. I've seen it myself. As I've started looking at the small things, those small things bring so much joy into my life. 

1. I'm grateful that I was able to spend Saturday morning at the Temple. I feel so much peace there.

2. I'm grateful for the pouring rain we had on Friday night. I had a pretty bad migraine and going to sleep hearing the rain outside was the best.

3. I'm grateful that I get to go to Utah tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with some siblings that I haven't had Thanksgiving with in years!

4. I'm grateful for heated seats.

5. I'm grateful for a mom who is hilarious.

6. I'm grateful for the opportunity I get each week to attend church and to be able to see Gospel principles in new ways and learn new ideas, to be able to have my testimony strengthened!

7. I'm grateful for technology. It amazes me the people I get to connect with through it, and all that I learn from those connections.

8. I'm grateful for music, and my ability to be able to sing. Singing/music brings so much happiness into my life. 

9. I'm grateful for nieces and nephews who always get so excited to see me!

10. I'm grateful for great co-workers and a positive work environment. 

What are you grateful for this week?

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