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I was super sad I missed #thankfultuesday last week and let me tell you, not taking the time to write about what I was grateful for really made my week a little harder. I had forgotten to be grateful for everything around me. Trust me it won't be happening again ;). 

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Can we just give Helen Keller an amen?! I saw this quote and immediately I realized it was the exact principle that I've been trying to master lately. I felt like if I was finally happy with my job, or my exercise habits, or my life in general that it meant I was settling and giving up on the things I want in life. But then Helen Keller reminded me that I was dead wrong (Baby Mama anyone?). 

Life is all about being grateful for what we have now, but still learning to grow and progress. So this is my goal for the next few weeks. I'll let you know how it goes. Now for what I'm grateful for....

1. I'm grateful for my mom who will sit on the floor of my room with me and just hold me while I cry.

2. I'm grateful for the humbling opportunity I had to be the Choir Director for a group of amazing youth (12-18 yrs old) yesterday as we sang our testimony of Jesus Christ to 1000 + people at the South Sound Dance Festival Kick-Off Fireside. Shine Bright, Share the Light. (Love giant group selfies and the great picture quality haha.)

3. I'm grateful for great girlfriends who even though we live in different states are always there for me. You know who you are ;).

4. I'm grateful for all the family and friends who helped make my mothers surprise birthday party a hit!

Love having sisters close to help me throw this party for our mom. We missed you Joy (you too Daniel and David)!

5. I'm grateful for my little space heater and blanket that hide under my desk and keep me warm during these freezing days.

6. I'm grateful for Gilmore Girls and Netflix. You provide a good laugh for my mom and I late each night.

7. I'm grateful for empty late night flights where I get a whole row to myself.

8. I'm grateful for Social Media and the opportunity it gives me to share my testimony with many more then I would regularly.

9. I'm grateful that I discovered how great being grateful is!

10. I'm grateful for the knowledge of have that I can be freed from a lot of pain and sorrow as I forgive those who have hurt me, even if sometimes it is really hard to do. 

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. I love this link up! It always reminds me to be thankful for the little things. I'm glad you shared your list with Hump Day Happenings this week!

  2. Thankful this week is over! Also I love that you threw a surprise party for your mom. So awesome.


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