UA-114812973-16 Well Rounded: Old Friends, Family and the Temple.

Old Friends, Family and the Temple.

I took a long weekend and headed to Utah to see a long list of people who I haven't seen in forever. The weekend was full of reunions and family. I got to see my brothers and their families. Both of their wives had babies back in January and I finally got to meet them.

I also got to see many of the missionaries I served with in Kennewick. It is amazing to me how you can go so long without seeing someone and then just pick up where you left off. 

Time for pictures!

Saturday I spent with my older brother Daniel and his adorable girls. His wife and the youngest were away for a girls weekend so it was just us four. We went for a mini hike up at Silver Lake by Brighton. Silver Lake was one of my favorite places to go when I lived in Utah, but I have to say the fact that there was already snow there made me like it a little bit less. But still was a great time. The lake was frozen and I kept singing "Let It Go" as if it was coming from the distance and telling my oldest niece it was Elsa. She didn't fall for it. 

Sunday was spent with this wonderful lady. Mecham and I were companions in the MTC two years ago. Being together was like we were never a part. I loved it. This woman is probably one of the best I know. She is so loving and happy, not to mention she seriously knows how to bust a move. 

Sunday night we had a reunion with some of the other elders who were in our MTC district. It was great to laugh and reminisce on our MTC days. This group is my family and always will be! (Don't mind my awkward stance....)

 Tuesday morning I got to go do a Temple session at the Salt Lake Temple with Daw (also from my MTC group). Man I love going to the Temple. As I was there I was reflecting on my feelings when I'm inside the Temple. I realized I felt complete peace while I was there. A peace that I don't feel anywhere else. I think it is safe to say the Temple is my favorite place to be.

I also got to see my trainer and once again Clegg and I talked and joked like nothing had changed even though it has also almost been two years since we served together. It is amazing how serving and growing in the gospel can really bring two people together. It is safe to say that she is stuck with me whether she likes it or not ;). 

I saw quite a few friends but I'm spotlighting those I hadn't seen in a really long time. Another one was Shanna. We met a little over two years ago at a spontaneous Lake Powell trip. But we recently got back in contact over the past year and boy am I grateful for that. She has been such a great friend to me. Next in our adventures is Alaska!

All in all it was a good trip. I could have used without the cold weather but the first few days were so nice I can't complain too much.  


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