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USO Dinner & Auction

On October 17th I had my last big fundraiser for the year (and now I get to start all over). It was the USO Dinner & Auction. This was the first auction I've ever coordinated as well as the first auction I've ever attended, that being said I think it went quite well. My favorite part was that I actually got home before midnight :).

It was held in the Olympic Flight Museum so decorations were simple. We had a few WWII airplanes and helicopters that the Museum left out for decoration. So awesome! One of them was worth two million dollars! I wish I had gotten better pictures of them, but I think you can somewhat see them in the background of these pictures. 

With it being a USO theme we donated $5 of each ticket sale to the USO which is an organization to help soldiers and their families. 

Madelin White (President-Elect of the Chamber) and me. 

Stephanie (my boss) and Dan (Vice-President of the Chamber)

Dan and Arvilla Moore (Co-Worker)

Miss Thurston County came and helped us sale raffle tickets for our Jewelry Raffle. Isn't she gorgeous!? My favorite part was at the end of the event she said "now I'm taking these heels off and going to get some Taco Bell". What a woman!

Mike Harris (Treasure of the Chamber) looking fabulous in his tux!

Stephanie and I at the end of the event, still smiling. 

All in all it was a great night. We set a record high for attendance at the Chamber's Annual Auction, and we exceeded our budget of how much we wanted to make. So to me that is a success!

And I got to wear red lipstick for the first time. I felt pretty brave. Thanks to my wonderful mother and Sian Roche for doing my hair and makeup in a record time :). And also to my wonderful auction committee, they worked so hard right along side me. I couldn't have done this without them!


  1. Wow! You look gorgeous! You have been behind some amazing events! I love it!

    1. Thank you so much :) It really has been a great experience, I've learned so much!


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