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I AM....

Last Sunday in church we talked about honesty. And of course we discussed lying, stealing, cheating...with others. But we didn't really talk about lying to ourselves, we touched on it briefly and it got me seriously thinking.

The lies I've told myself in the past month:

- I'm not ambitious enough.
- I can sing, but I'm not as good as I should be.
- I'm not creative enough.
- I'll never get a high enough score on the GRE to get into the program I want.
- I'm not smart enough.
- I'm not funny enough.
- My body is a mess. It will never be healthy.

I could keep going but I really don't want to, plus I think you get the picture. All of those are lies I've told myself in moments of low self esteem and guess what?! It is lying! We are taught growing up to be honest. We teach our children, our students, everyone, to be honest. Yet we lie to ourselves constantly. We feel pretty bad when we lie to someone we care about right? I'm no rocket scientist but I think that means telling a lie to ourselves is going to make us feel pretty bad as well.

Because of the I am beautiful challenge I've taken from my dear friend Sister Julie Anderson (Found here) I've been working on this exact thing this week. Not saying any negative comments to myself. Instead of being saying positive "I am" statements.

For example last night I came down with a sore throat and woke up with a runny nose. My birthday is in three days and my family and I have a fun filled weekend planned. So as my mom walked me through everything I needed to do all day to get better fast she said to me, "All day you need to be telling yourself 'I am well' etc.". Instead of the usually I hate my body, I've been telling myself all morning "I am going to get better fast. I am strong and healthy." Let me tell you I've felt much better.

I also started a big project this week and it is something I'm very scared of doing. But each time I sit down to work on it I've told myself, "I am smart, I can do this. I will succeed at this". Each time I finish for the night I feel like I've done so much!

It is amazing how big of a difference being honest with ourselves can make. We will feel better about ourselves and we will accomplish so much more!

Truth's I will tell myself:

- I am strong.
- I am smart.
- I am funny.
- I am healthy.
- I will rock the GRE!
- I can be creative if I want to be.
- I love my voice.

Found here. 

By building ourselves up and being positive we will not only empower ourselves, but we will also empower others!

I know for a fact that our Heavenly Father doesn't believe the lies we tell our self. He created us, why would he create something that wasn't good. All good things come from God, which in my mind means that we are good. When I tell myself truths, and build myself up I feel closer to Him.

What lies do you tell yourself? And what do you do to break the habit?

Now that you've thought about the lies you tell yourself, I challenge you to get rid of those thoughts and write down truth's about yourself. How did it feel?

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  1. well, i think i've told myself all of those same things only more (only cuz i'm older...) and I did pass the GRE a very long time ago so I hope you will to! I have more trouble with believing too much in the "press" that I'm pretty darn great w/o giving total credit to the God Who made me so. He and I are in discussions on this quite a bit, and the best part is the that we are in discussions (and that He's faithful and gracious.) blessings. (visiting from bloggingbygracecommunityfb)


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