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Farewell Summer - It Has Been Real.

What a solid month. It was sunny, it was fabulous and full of good times. It was rough as well, but I learned a lot and it helped me prepare to turn the big 25 this month! 

I went to the fair! We rode on rides, ate fritters, took group selfies, acted like we had no cares in the world and just loved summer. 

I want you to just look at each individual in this picture. I still have no idea what was going on.... 
What a fantastic group!

I had my first real surgery (I don't count my wisdom teeth). I had a deviated septum, basically I couldn't breath out of my nose. 

I was excited to have my mom record me when I was waking up hoping to get some viral worthy footage. Turns out I just kept saying how much I hated how I felt. Turns out I hate medication even when I'm half awake and under the influence of a lot of drugs.

On August 11th three of my students gave their farewells for their mission. It was a very emotional day for me. I love each of these kids so much, they are going to be amazing missionaries! I've been blessed to teach them and also learn from them.

Elder David Wolf - El Salvador San Salvador West Belize Mission
Elder Hensley - Philippines Laoag Mission 
Sister Bourque - Peru

 I went to the Ape Caves at Mt Saint Helens with my family. I wish we had pictures of inside the cave, so cool. It was the weirdest sensation to come up out of the caves where it had been 42 degrees to a 80 degree day outside.

My favorite part was when we'd do "blackouts" and turn off all our lights. Every time one of us would scream and pretend like we were being attacked and someone would sneak up on someone. But good times were had by all. Even the five boys who range from 1 year old - 10 years old were champs the whole time!

Then the month ended perfectly, with Mariners tickets in the Diamond Club (behind home plate)!!

I had so much fun teaching my mom all about baseball. I knew I loved baseball but this night truly confirmed it!
So lucky to have great parents who will take me to do things they know I love. They even stayed till the end of the game for me!
Check out this guys pockets. I know baseball players are superstitious but is this really necessary?

August you'll be missed, but I'm excited to see what adventures come with the change in weather.

September is my birthday month and I've been dreading it all year, but I've learned so much this month that I've decided to embrace it with my arms open wide and a smile on my face. I've learned to be more positive, to always assume the best, to serve/love others more, I am blessed with a loving supportive family and that I am strong!          
So bring it on 25!


  1. Great post! So many missionaries haha. Love your blog! :) looking forward to reading more

    1. Thank you! Yeah I've sent quite a few of my students on missions but this is the most I've sent at once!

  2. You're definitely living life to the fullest! Gorgeous pictures. When is your birthday?

  3. I like your blog. It is a great way to look back and remember good times. I wished I remembered to take pictures of each class. It would be great to start. I am so pleased with the good you accomplish. Mother

  4. And you know the Bourque family too?! Girlfriend, we have a surprising number of mutual friends! ( I commented earlier about Jenna B :) ) What a crazy small world we live in.

    Also, I really love your blog. If you can't tell, I've been catching up on all your posts from the beginning today :)


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