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Watching: Foyle's War on BBC. Sounds nerdy but I really love it! 

Loving: That my football team, BYU is 4-0 and ranked at #20! Seriously I don't remember the last time BYU was ranked. You could say I'm loving this A LOT!

Anticipating: My two trips to Utah in November. I'm excited to see friends I haven't seen in over a year, meet my "new" niece and nephew, and take some steps towards my future!

Listening to: I'm never listening to just one genre. But lately I've been listening to more classical and instrumental to help me focus during my GRE study sessions. You can actually find my study playlist on Spotify!

Thinking about: What the next year holds for me. I've been undergoing a lot of personal change and growth as well as taking steps towards some big goals of mine. I'm nervous but excited to see what is going to happen over the next year.

Feeling thankful for: My family. End of story. Okay I'll say more. They are absolutely the best. Anything happens for me and they are the first ones there for me, they pray for me, support me, make me laugh and remind me I can get through anything!

Enjoying: Lunch breaks with just me and my book. I work near a Panera Bread and I thought I'd get tired of it after a while but I haven't. I love that I can go there during my hour and just sit by myself and read a book. 

Wondering: If I'll survive this winter. I know it sounds dramatic but I really hate being cold. So far I've enjoyed the transition into fall but it still makes me nervous when I see temperatures start to drop. So if you have any extra space heaters, heating pads, or anything send them my way!

Wearing: All things warm! I love summer clothes, but I can't get enough of sweaters and scarves right now. Is my fear of winter getting to be a bit much??

Feeling: Tired but exhilarated. That is pretty opposite isn't it? I'll have moments of pure exhaustion but then I'll have a solid study session, or have a great lesson and all this energy will come flying through me that I didn't know I had left. Which leads to what I've really been feeling...Blessed. I have gone through a lot lately yet I have felt so much strength. I know I'm being carried by my Savior and my family. So you could so overall I'm feeling pretty awesome when I probably shouldn't be. 

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  1. Lunch at Panera with a book sounds like a dream! And I totally know what you mean about tired but exhilarated. It's funny how often those two can go hand in hand. :)

    Go BYU!

    1. I'm so glad you understand. I felt crazy as I wrote it :)


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