UA-114812973-16 Well Rounded: WARNING: Joy and Pure Happiness (and picture overload!)

WARNING: Joy and Pure Happiness (and picture overload!)

This last week I got to go on vacation. YIPEE! It was fantastic. Half of it was spent as a leader on a Pioneer Trek with the youth of my Church. The second half was spent at the beach in Seaside, Oregon with my family. So pretty much my three favorite things...the youth, the beach and my family. 

So get ready for picture overload. And believe it or not these are just my favorites ;). 

This picture was taken when only the women were pulling the cart. The young women were absolutely amazing and rose to the challenge with pure faith!

Warning: If you see any of these women, be scared. We are trained in the art of throwing tomahawks. 

These are my "golden boys". Even though they always make sure to make me feel old they are both so amazing. They always put a smile on my face and made me so proud as they lived the gospel and helped their family the whole trek!

My view from where the leaders were camping out. AMAZING!

And now to the beach.....oh pure joy!

This was my first night in Seaside. The picture says it all. 

We convinced my nephew to let us bury him. It isn't a trip to the beach without at least one person getting buried right?!

Loved having my Brazilians along with us for the trip. (This is at Hug Point)

I was a master photo-bomber this weekend and the Brazilians were good sports :).

The whole crew! (We missed the rest of the Burton clan.)

My adorable nephew Vincent Frost.

This vacation reminded me how much I loved the outdoors. The whole time I was outside I felt at peace and like myself. Note to self: Don't go this long again without enjoying the great outdoors and all God has given to you!

Can I please go back?!

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