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Students Teach the Teacher.

I mentioned a while back about how when I came home from my mission for my church I was asked to start a class for all 16-19 year olds who wanted to prepare to serve a mission in our area. When I started it I had no idea how much it would change me, nor did I know that I would get to know some kids who would become my best friends.

This weekend another one of those kids left for her mission. I don't know if I can count how many students I've sent out on missions now but I can say that each good bye doesn't get easier. And that is because each one that I've sent out has taught me something new. What I've learned the most from them is that when it comes to friendship age doesn't mean a thing. These kids are quite a few years younger yet I've become very close with quite of few of them. They have shown me love that others never have, they have taught me what it looked like to serve and love everyone, what it meant to be be selfless, I could go on and on. Here I thought I had been asked to be their teacher and as I said goodbye to Jenna yesterday I realized how they all had been my teacher.

These three were my first missionaries to go out that were actually regulars in my class. Spencer (Paucha Mexico Mission), David (Anaheim California ASL Mission) and Julie (Washington D.C. Mission). We were quite the foursome. 

Yes we are twins, not triplets.

Tanner Risk (Marshall Islands Mission) and Julie again.  

I even got lucky enough to have Sydney (Mexico City East Mission) in my class!           
Jennifer Hochstrasser (Nashville Tennessee Mission) and Jenna Lythgoe (Scottsdale Arizona Mission).

Jenna Lythgoe is quite the extraordinary woman.  

Jenna Bell (Las Vegas Mission)...what a woman! I've seen her grow up from a little one. 

I have students in states all over the country and countries all over the world. 

When I came home I was in limbo and felt like I had no purpose, these kids gave me a purpose. They gave me the opportunity to share with them something I love so much. They loved me and included me. Everyone always says I helped them, but I know the truth. They helped me and they taught me. I was called to teach, but little did I know I was really the student.

Each and everyone of them are amazing. They are so strong and I know the world is going to be a better place because of them. I am still teaching this class and I'm excited to see where the next group goes. 


  1. That's a fantastic story, Sierra. Sounds like getting a whole bunch of replacements became your mission. Let me know if any of them are headed to the IL Chicago West Mission. Love, Aunt Janet

  2. Sierra, you know Jenna Bell?! I went to college with her in Utah before she went back home to serve her mission. What a crazy small world! :)

    1. Chaun! I've seen Jenna Bell grow up since a little girl and then I got to have her in my mission prep class. She is so amazing!


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