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Comfort Zones

We all have our comfort zones. The place in our lives where we are most comfortable and things are easy. I have been taught my whole life and also learned from personal experience how much growth occurs for me when I take a step outside of my comfort zone. It isn't an easy step, but an important one nonetheless.

Today I had an epiphany, indulge me for a second. I love adventure, but would you believe I also hate it. Most people would never guess this about me. I come across as someone who loves spontaneity and excitement. And while they aren't completely wrong, I have this other side of me who is terrified of change and the unknown. I go searching for adventures and new experiences but most of the time I don't follow through.

Recently I have be presented with an adventure of a lifetime. One I've dreamed of for years. Everything about this adventure was/is perfect and I even have the perfect partner in crime who would embark on this adventure with me. But then I froze. At first I thought it was just because it wasn't the right thing for me. Then I considered maybe I was just scared of the change. I was sure hoping it wasn't that because I wanted to get over my fear of change and new things. But then this was when the epiphany hit...wait for it. What if the reason I was feeling hesitant was because where I am at right now may seem like a "comfort zone" from the casual look, but as one examines it closer it is far from my comfort zone.

You're now thinking I'm completely crazy but don't abandon me just yet. I might be way off base here but at the same time I think I've struck gold. If where I'm at right now was my so called comfort zone then why do I struggle with it so badly. Why am I searching for a way out? Maybe that is why I feel the need to stay here, because here is where my growth is occurring. I'm learning how to live a whole different life then I'm accustomed to.

So my point. Maybe sometimes we go looking for these big, grand adventures so that we can grow and learn, so we can get away from the certain situation that we are in. Maybe we think we are stuck in our comfort zone. But have you ever thought maybe you hate said "comfort zone" so much just because it is testing you and forcing you to grow?

I don't know if this makes any sense, I mean I only figured this out this week. And I'm not even sure how to exactly explain it, except that sometimes we think we need to run or get out of our comfort zone because it is dull and boring but I think we are wrong. At least I've been wrong.

For me I'm trying to examine what I think is my comfort zone and as I do I realize it I've been far off. And I know that because I have really hard days that stretch me and force me to grow. But I've thought all along that I was in a comfort zone because I was free from the trials I would normally experience. It isn't crazy different, in some new location that I've never been, surrounded be people I don't know. In fact I'm surrounded by my family. But sometimes stepping out of our said comfort zone isn't exactly what we need. Sometimes it is where the most growing occurs.

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  1. You are soo awesome! and such an inspiration! thanks for all of your wonderful posts!


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