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4 Months - Theodore Parker

Not quite sure I'm ready to admit it but...THEO IS 4 MONTHS!!! WHAT?! He gets more and more of a defined personality each day. He laughs, talks, rolls, and smiles at everyone. 

I think sometimes I go out and about just so I can show him off because, guys, that face. It is adorable. I love him more and more each day (if that is possible). 

He has had an adventurous month. Went to Utah, Lagoon, the Zoo, blueberry picking, met more of his aunts and uncles and was loved on like crazy! 

I think my favorite thing is when Theo hears his dad's voice and then finds his face. His little face lights up! Sure I want to be the number one in his life but if I lose first place to Blake I'm okay with it because seeing these two together is my favorite!

 His cousin Vincent loved singing songs to him.

 Erica and I were pregnant at the same time - they are just 2 weeks apart!

 Chilling at Lagoon with Grandpa Roundy

 Uncle Riley

First of many shoulder rides 

Theodore Parker Roundy
Height: 2 ft 1.31 inches Weight: 14 lb 2.5 oz Head: 16.81" - 50% percentile 

- Loves to smile and laugh
- Always watching what is going on around him. Super attentive. 
- Favorite color is red
- Moving like crazy - he has learned to roll and now it is hard to keep him on his back
- Still loves all things outdoors
- His new favorite thing is to chew on any blankets left around him

3 Months with Theodore

Theodore is three months and it has been the absolute best three months of our lives! He is becoming so interactive and so full of life. Today he has had a few firsts. He finally was able to suck on just one finger, I'm 95% positive he actually giggled today. 

He has had a busy month too! Last week he got to spend the whole week with 11 of his cousins. Three of them were born in the past year and they are all boys. He loved all the love, but I can tell he is loving the quiet because he has become chattier than ever. We also moved out of our apartment and I think he handled it like a champ. 

I'm pretty sure I love my little dude more and more every day. Even if he is getting heavier and heavier ;). Seriously, he is turning into quite the chunk and we love every little roll on his chubby little legs. 

Theodore Parker Roundy

- Smiles so much, mostly in the morning
- Going through some crazy growth spurts
- Took a bottle for the first time when grandma Burton watched him when I went to the Mormon Tabernacle concert
- Loves hanging out with his cousins
- Bath time and looking at trees are his favorite activities, a boy after my own heart

2 Months with Theodore

Super late on this post but Theodore turned 2 months on June 16th! It is really crazy that he is been in our family for so long and yet so short. We can't even handle how much we love them! He has become the happiest little guy. The mornings are THE best. He is so happy and chatty. And it is the most beautiful smile I've ever seen!

I didn't really think he was super big but turns out he is on the larger side - 50% percentile across the board, except his head, that is 58%. 

He even went on his first trip, all the way to Florida! He slept all the way there (it was a red-eye flight) and was even super great on the way back. 

We really have the greatest baby around. We can't believe he is ours!

Height: 22.76" Weight: 11 lb 15.5 oz Head: 15.95" - 50% percentile 

- Loves to smile and sort of giggle
- Really starting to track and watch what is going on around him
- Loves looking at the color red
- Sleeping through the night!!! Goes to sleep around 10:30ish and wakes up around 8 am. 
- Getting so chunky, I can't even handle the little rolls
- Loves to just lay on the floor and look around
- Loves hanging out with his dad
- He is wearing 0-3 months clothes still (barely) but fits some of his 3-6 months clothes. It's those chunky legs :).

Rad Dad

Rad Like Dad

I've never been more excited to celebrate Father's Day and let me tell you I'm a big fan of my dad so I usually am pretty excited. 

But there is something so special about seeing your husband become a father. I loved the guy bucket loads before we had our little dude but when I saw him holding him for the first time it increased even more. Each time I see him sit on the floor talking to him it increases even more. When he says to me, "can I just cuddle him for a little bit?" my heart basically melts. 

Blake is the most wonderful father and dad. He loves Theodore like no other and he has so much fun with him, even if he is only 2 months old. I'm already counting down the days where I can see them wrestling and laughing together. I always joke that I can't handle having two Blakes, but let's be honest here, I can't wait! 

When I think how lucky Theodore is, and our future kids are, to have Blake as their father I'm so dang grateful! They are going to be loved like no other, they will laugh harder than they could have imagined, they will have the example of a hard working strong priesthood holder and they will learn to serve in a way I could never teach them. 

What makes me sad is that I'm raising my little boy in a world where women think they are the future. Where they think they run the world. Don't get me wrong I think women are incredibly important to the future, but not without men. I believe the man's role is just as important as the women's (something I'm sure I'll post about later). 

So Happy Father's day to our Rad Dad's. To our husband's and our father's. Without them, none of us would be here, and without my father, I would never have learned how a man should treat his wife, how to work hard and serve others, and the thousands of other things my father taught me! 

Quote from M. Russell Ballard

Matching Shirt & Onesie: Scout & Indiana

My 5 Favorite Baby Items

My 5 Favorite Items for my Newborn
When you are preparing to have a baby it is a little overwhelming because everyone tells you all the millions of things you HAVE TO HAVE. So you register for it all!! But let me tell you a don't need most of it!

My husband and I don't like clutter, we live in a tiny apartment, and just in the past eight weeks of our little dude's life, we've learned what we don't actually need for our little guy. Sadly a good amount of things have gone to waste. 

I don't want to give you the long list of everything you need, but here are the five things we can't live without!

1. Velcro Swaddles - We only had one when little dude was born and learned quickly that they are THE BEST and we ordered 3 more. All the blanket swaddles are great, but they just aren't as secure for nap/sleep time, or as user-friendly. 

2. 5 in 1 Nursing Cover - This has made feeding in public sooo much easier, something that terrified me. Plus you can use it as a car seat cover, scarf, small blanket, shopping cart cover etc. So instead of needing 5 different things when you go out, you just need one.  And Copper Pearl's are so soft (I also have their burp rags and those are really soft too!)!  

3. Nuk Pacifier - I'll admit, I was one of those ladies who said: "my kid won't use binkies". I was so wrong. And this brand has been our favorite. Our little dude has loved them and it stays in a lot easier than other ones. 

4. Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub - Okay we didn't want a big tub because like I said, our apartment is tiny. But a great friend gifted us this and we decided to try it out. We use it every single night! Theodore loves it and we don't feel like we're trying to hold him up throughout the whole bath. The little seat in it does wonders. He can just chill there on his own!

5. Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife - Okay bear with me on this one. My sister-in-law gave me this for the little scissors to use as nail clippers. She is a great mom so I trusted her but was a little skeptical. Not anymore, we love them! Blake actually does the nail clipping on our little dude and he says they are so easy and he is never scared he'll cut his skin. 

So get what you want but I'm telling you, I wouldn't share these five items if I didn't REALLY LOVE them! 

What are your have to have newborn items?

Family Comes to Town & Tacoma Parks

We don't get to see Blake family as often as we'd like since they live in Las Vegas and we are up here in Washington. So it is a big treat when we get to see both of his parents in one weekend! We were so excited to have them up here for Theodore's blessing.

While they were here we showed them the many parks of Tacoma that we have come to love. To say that I got my steps in this weekend is an understatement! 

We visited Titlow Beach, Point Defiance Park and Chamber's Bay! These are our three favorite and where we always take people when they come and visit. 

Titlow Beach has a great beach to walk along, trails to explore, and a great playground and splash park! Not to mention a beautiful view of the Narrows Bridge

Point Defiance Park has sooo much! It has a great 5-mile drive that almost feels like you're driving through the Redwoods. There are multiple trails, and a great beach called Owen's beach that is great for families!

Chamber's Bay is where we go the most. They have a great walking trail that goes around the golf course, also great for running. There is a bridge that takes you down to the beach as well. The view is AMAZING!

Okay, enough about the parks. We LOVED having our family here and wish it would have been a longer visit - but so glad they came at all! And Theodore was in heaven being held all weekend long.

Family picture at Titlow Beach

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