1st Trimester and Lessons Learned

If you haven't already heard I guess the title gave it away and would explain why I haven't written in months. 

We're having a baby!!! Due April 6th and despite how hard it has been we are thrilled! Need some laughs? Enjoy the video we made to announce it. 


We are now at 15 weeks and already learning so much. I'd be lying to you if I said it has been all unicorns and rainbows, in fact it was the exact opposite. It has been so different than anything I've ever experienced in my life. BUT, it has taken me a long time to get here, I wouldn't trade it for anything. And because I don't want to forget it I'm going to share my experience here. Read, don't read, but here it is anyway. 

1. Sacrifice: Beginning of June I started a new job. My position was Marketing Director for this magazine company that was on the beginning of some exciting growth. The team was the best I've ever worked with and it was a place I could lead and be creative. 

We found out I was pregnant end of July and within days the nausea and throwing up kicked in. Without going into to many details I could barely do my job. Over a months time I had gone to the ER twice. First time for a hemorrhage, the second time was because of stress and dehydration after a too busy day at work. After first going part time at work, a ton of prayers, and that second hospital scare, Blake and I decided I should quit and find something a little less stressful. This little baby was not loving the stress of my job and I was only working part-time. 

I thought quitting would be easy. But then I found my way into a temp office to just get some work to hold me over so I wouldn't get bored or restless, and I left feeling like an emotional wreck. I had worked so hard over the past few years in my jobs to find myself sitting in a temp agency. It was a little bit of a blow for my pride. But then after some serious tears and hugs from Blake I had a humbling moment. For the past 6 years more than anything I wanted to be a mom, I wasn't giving up my career for nothing, I was giving up my career for the best career in the world. 

2. Gratitude: I'd be lying if there weren't days in the first few weeks where I wondered if I could get through this, if it would even bet worth it, all sorts of thoughts I'm not proud of. I knew this was what I wanted but I was having a really hard time remembering that. But then I started writing in my gratitude journal again. Just forced myself to find three things that day that I was grateful for. I started being grateful that my body could grow this little baby, even if it meant being so sick all the time. It changed me! I still had bad days, I wasn't getting any better, but the negative thoughts were becoming less and less. 

3. God's Plan: Don't get me wrong, this is a lesson I already knew, but I was really reminded of it. Quitting my job was not an easy thing for me, as I'm sure you've already caught onto. But I knew I was supposed to. I had no doubt in my mind that saying goodbye to my current career was the right step. It was what Heavenly Father wanted me to do, to put my family first. We've seen so many blessings come by following that plan. And knowing we had that confirmation has made it a lot easier each and every day. 

So those are just two of the many, many lessons I learned. And I know I'm going to learn so much more. But guys, I'M HAVING A BABY!!!!! Blake and I have never been more excited. We found out about a week after our 1st anniversary and we are so excited to grow our little family. 

Stay awesome, 

July, Where'd You Go?!

I'm 99% sure it was June yesterday, and now tomorrow is August. Anyone else in as much shock as me?! It has been quite the month for Blake and I too. We've officially decided that next July needs to be relaxing and free of change.

This month:
- We moved from Lacey to Tacoma.
- Blake and I both started new jobs. Blake at a Alzheimers residence in Gig Harbor and me at a magazine here in Tacoma as the Marketing Director.
- I finished my last day at the Lacey South Sound Chamber after being there three years.
- We celebrated our one year anniversary. 

We've been really blessed through all these changes. I have to say I wasn't thrilled to move to Tacoma. I love Lacey and growing up I never heard good things about Tacoma. But boy was I wrong! Tacoma is quite the city. My office is on the water in Old Town Tacoma which makes for great lunchtime walks. We live 5-15 minutes from some great parks and views of the Puget Sound. 

I think of all the new and exciting things I think my favorite has been discovering a new place with Blake. We are big on adventure and knowing that almost everywhere we go is a new adventure for us has been the absolute greatest.

Cheney Stadium in Tacoma Washington
We live 1.5 miles from a Minor League Baseball stadium for the Tacoma Rainiers. We've gone to a game almost every week since we've moved here. It is fantastic!

Tacoma is full of the cutest houses ever! I wish I could just stop and take pictures of all of them. 

This is right across the street from my office. Let's just say work breaks/walks are the greatest!

Discovering Point Defiance Park - We will probably spend a lot of time here...not probably, we will! It has trails, a rose garden, a zoo and aquarium and it is surrounded by water!

Point Ruston - another of our favorite discoveries. A cute little open shopping/restaurant area right on the water!

And now it is August - life is flying by. My goal for the month of August is to say yes to every opportunity for a fun experience or adventure! What fun adventures do you have planned for the rest of the summer?

Stay awesome, 

The Story of #BSadventures

With my one year wedding anniversary with Blake being only ten days away, I've been thinking about us a lot lately. I've been thinking of the miracle it was that we met and survived the distance we were dealt when we met. In all this thinking I realized I've never written down our full story. I've journaled as we've gone along, but not the whole deal. So here it is, the story of how #BSadventures began.

May of 2015 I was living in Lacey and just enjoying time with these two Brazilian exchange students who had made my life so much more exciting when they entered the year prior. Being 25 and single I got offers for setups all the time. I use to have a no blind date policy but living in Lacey where there is basically no dating scene I dropped that policy in hopes to start meeting more people my age. I went on a few first dates, all fun, but nothing really stuck. But I was okay with that. I had gotten to the point mentally that I was okay with being single and I knew when the time was right it would stick. So I just kept having fun!

Somehow I got messaging on Facebook with a local girl, Erica, that I kind of knew. I don't know if either of us can really remember why it started. We didn't know each other too well but we had some similar connections. She started at my high school my senior year, and we went to the same church etc. so our paths had crossed. But again, nothing really big. She found out I was single and wanted to set me up with her husband's best friend in Provo. I was kind of use to the drill at this point so I said sure, but I wouldn't be in Utah until August so if he is still around then maybe, and that was that. Well then a couple weeks later she messages me again and says, he really wants to meet you how do you feel about me giving him your number. Again, I said sure but didn't think much of it.

First contact: On May 29th I got a text message that said, "Hi this is Blake. Do you like fireworks?" We texted all night and the next day and let me tell you, it was fantastic. I was laughing at almost every text he sent, and I found myself checking my phone constantly to see if he had texted me back. But then remember, he was now in Las Vegas, and I was in Washington so I was just having fun with it.

So we texted pretty much every day for a few weeks when finally his 11-year-old brother says to him, "Are you ever going to call her?". So thanks to Riley we set up a phone call. I'll be honest, the first call wasn't super memorable, but it was okay enough that we kept chatting. Slowly the calls got better and I'm pretty sure we didn't go a day without texting and/or one call a day. We had been talking about actually meeting each other but it just wasn't working for either of our schedules. It got a little frustrating not being able to meet and there were days I wondered if it as really worth holding on, but for some reason I did. 

Fast forward to August 15th. I was in Utah for a friend's wedding and my sister's wedding reception so Blake drove up from Las Vegas to spend two days with me. 

First date: He picked me up Saturday morning from my friend's place. He was at least an hour late and I have to tell you, I've never been so nervous in my whole life, and I don't get nervous for dates. So nervous I almost threw up. Our first initial meeting was a little awkward but we fell into the swing of things immediately. Blake rented a canoe for us to go float the Provo River.  It was a blast and on the drive back to drop off the canoe he held my hand (a story I won't share because it is very embarrassing for Blake :)). 

Being with him felt so natural as if we had been together all summer and he hadn't just met a few hours previously. We spent the evening getting ready for and attending my sister's reception and then that night as we went to leave the reception we shared our first kiss. Yes, a lot of firsts in one day which normally isn't me, but we had spent two and a half months that I really felt like I knew him so well. We spent Sunday with my family and then dinner with his friends. Then he left for Vegas. 

After that, we started taking turns flying back and forth between Washington and Vegas or Utah every two weeks. An expensive and extremely hard thing to deal with but I never regretted it or was worried about the money spent once. 

But as you can imagine you can't do long distance for forever. I was in a spot in my career that I couldn't really move unless there was no other option. We weren't engaged yet but we were talking about a future together. In November after spending Thanksgiving with his family I got my answer that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Blake no matter what move had to be made. Luckily for us, Blake was in a spot in his schooling where he could switch schools. So December 28th he packed up his car and moved to Washington and we were engaged three months later. {The story for that is here.}

I like to think, in fact, I believe that Erica was inspired to set us up. And I am eternally grateful for her following that prompting. Life with Blake is the best life. I was happy when I met Blake, I was happy when I dated Blake, and I was very happy when I got engaged. But being married to Blake and spending my life with him has given my life more joy and meaning than I knew was possible. 

I love you, Blake Roundy, life with you is my favorite adventure. 

Blake and Sierra's first picture

Stay awesome,


Our First Home

Last night we said farewell to our first home. It smelled like old man, looked like it was stuck in the 70's, there were train tracks 50 ft away, and our neighbors smoked a lot. But it was perfect.

We heard eagles almost every morning.
We lived on the most beautiful lake.
We celebrated our first Christmas as a family there.
We almost burnt it down....twice. 
We survived the "Lacey Storm" there.
We traveled a lot while living there and always were happy to come home. 
We had many family members over for boat rides and swimming.
We both walked on a frozen lake for the first time there.
We learned how to live together there.
We learned how to love each other there. 
We cried there.
We laughed more than I've ever laughed in my life there.

I can't list everything, but it was everything to us. To have our own little home with the most beautiful view. 

This Friday we move to University Place/Tacoma, Washington. New jobs, new apartment, and new adventures!

Stay awesome,


Copper Creek Campout

We went on our first camping trip! 

If you know Blake and I you'll know that things don't go well when we completely plan a trip. So wanting to make sure our trip was in true Blake & Sierra fashion we packed up the car and drove up to Olympic National Park with no plans of where to camp, just a general direction. 

We ended up finding a dirt road out by Staircase and we made our way up. Blake was feeling confident we'd find something, I was feeling pretty hesitant. Luckily Blake was right, sort of. We ended up camping on the side of the road on a little grass lot that we found but honestly it was perfect. No one else around, surrounded by trees and sky!

The next morning we slept in and took our time packing up. The only other plan we had for the day was to find a nice and easy hike with some beautiful views. Well we succeeded at one of those things but I wouldn't use the words nice or easy to describe the hike we ended up on. 

Copper Creek Trail. I wrote this on my Instagram account: 

"We were unaware and unprepared for the level of difficulty but we decided to push on and do the full hike anyway. There were many moments where I didn't even look up and had to just take one step at a time. But when I did look up I would see beautiful scenes like this (see below). After it was all over we were both extremely exhausted but felt so proud of ourselves for not giving up.

I learned a lot from this hike, mainly be prepared but also something else. That sometimes we're placed in hard situations but if we just keep putting one foot in front of the other and exercise faith we will experience beauty and joy! We can do hard things, each and everyone of us. With the help of our Savior we can do anything! I also learned for the millionth time that I have the most caring husband in the world."

We returned home to find out we had done a 5 mile loop and experienced an increase of 2400 feet in 2.5 miles. I did all of this in my chaco's (again, see below). Not really the way we wanted to kick off the hiking season but that being said it made for some good stories and great footage. Enjoy this video from our fun weekend. 

Camping in Olympic National Park
Copper Creek Trail
Foot shot at Copper Creek Campout
Let me describe this picture. My foot was about to start blistering so on the way down Blake forced me to put his socks on. Of course I could tell how much he loved me, but then he proceeded to point it out to everyone we passed. #truelove

Stay awesome and enjoy National Trails Day!

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Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Last weekend Blake and I headed to Portland to see my sisters and some tulips! We spent Friday night and Saturday morning with Anjuli and her family and then met up with Havalah and her family in the afternoon to go to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. We wished the Martin's could have joined us, hopefully next time! Lucky for us we didn't get hit by any rain, just a little wind! 

The tulips were BEAUTIFUL but I think what really made it enjoyable was having the kids with us and seeing their reactions to everything. Blake and I decided that while we could have enjoyed it alone, it was way more fun having kids there to see it through their eyes! And I'm sure Brigg appreciated having someone to help push them around on the little tractors all day. 

I also tried my hand at making a little video from this adventure, check it out here. I'm hoping this will get me to finally make the video's from Costa Rica and San Francisco trips. Dreaming big here :). 

Stay awesome. 
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Colorful Walls of Olympia Part 1

colorful walls in Olympia Washington
A couple weeks ago I saw this post over at Willivia, one of my favorite blogs, and it inspired me! Olympia has some of the coolest walls and they need to be seen by the world. So my hubby humored me and went adventuring with me last Saturday to find some of these cool walls. 

We didn't have time for them all but it was a fun little adventure, and also a chance to prove I'm still officially the most awkward in front of a camera. 

If you're ever in Olympia go check these walls out. I have to say the purple wall was our favorite!
Native American Wall

Waves Wall

Purple Wall

Back side of Archibald Sisters

Two Toned Wall

Backside of Olympia Downtown Association
Red Brick Wall

Alleyway between Washington Street and Capitol Way

Next, we're going to take on Tacoma! Where are some of your favorite walls?

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