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One Month With Theodore

Theodore is one month old! Some say he is so tiny but to us, we can't believe how big he is getting. And he has had quite the adventurous first month!

Met his Grandma English!

 Lots of walks with Dad!

 Went to church for the first time on Mother's Day! He was such a champ, slept the whole time. 

 I'm learning to master doing things one-handed. 

 Looking fly in his sunnies on one of our many walks. 

 Met his cousin who is only 6 weeks older!

 Hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Burton!

 Cuddles with more cousins. 

This lucky dude has 3 cousins within one year of him!

 His Aunt Joy flew in to meet him!

 Went to his first movie, Avengers!

 Met his "God Mother" :)

And put up with Momma's photoshoots. 

- He loves laying on our chests, especially dads. We're convinced he will be the best cuddler!
- He sleeps so great at night! 
- Starting to smile.
- Makes the worlds greatest faces. 
- Eats like a champ.

We love this little cub more than anything. He sure has flipped our life upside down, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Theodore Parker Roundy - April 16, 2018

Theodore Parker Roundy - Baby Pictures

Theodore Parker Roundy

Born: April 16, 2018 at 7:32 am

Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz

Length: 21 Inches

He is in every way perfect. I still can't believe it has been two weeks since this little boy has come into our lives and completely turned it upside down (in a good way of course). Someday soon, hopefully, I'll share the birth story but for now just some of my immediate thoughts on this adorable dude. 

In two weeks he has become our Little Cub, Little Bug, Little Dude, Sweet Boy, Theo, Teddy, and so many more nicknames. He has been loved on by his family (grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles) and his mom and dad. 

I love to hold him after I feed him and kiss him on his head as he just lays on my chest. I often have thoughts like this: "I'm exhausted", "Can I really do this?", "How did I get so lucky?", "How is it possible to love someone so much who just eats and sleeps all the time?!". Yes, very contradicting thoughts but I don't even know if I can put into words the way my heart feels about him. He has come into my life and completely flipped it upside down. 

His dad loves him in the best ways possible. He will hold him on his lap while he studies, change almost every diaper possible if it means he gets some extra time with him. He will stay up late just to get some extra cuddles with his "Little Cub". I didn't know it was possible to love someone more but as I see him with Theodore my heart bursts! I don't think I could have done this without Blake. He has gone above and beyond over the past two weeks to take care of the both of us as I recover from labor. He has done this all while being a full-time nursing student and taking care of an overwhelming amount of church responsibilities. 

Theodore makes the best faces all the time, I'm sure he doesn't appreciate it but I can't help but laugh. It gives me a little glimpse of him as a little boy and how he will look at us in different situations. All though we love this newborn phase we both look forward to him growing and gaining his personality. I look forward to having my own little sidekick on adventures and Blake looks forward to wrestling. 

We love you, Theodore Parker. I'd go through that 31 hours of labor over and over again if I needed to keep you in my life. More than you currently know, and more than you'll understand till you have a kid of your own. 

Bumpdate: 37.5 Weeks

37.5 Weeks Pregnant

I can't believe I'm almost to 38 weeks! It still doesn't feel real and probably won't till we are driving to the hospital. Blake is done with finals on Wednesday so he'll finish up the baby dresser (Wait till you see it. It looks so good!!!) and we can really start setting up our little guys area. I've been trying to get prepared by packing my hospital bag and diaper bag but not a lot of luck. I use half of the things that go in my hospital bag on a daily basis so it might end up with me throwing things in as we rush out the door (insert wide-eyed emoji here). 

Blake said he is now ready and the baby can come anytime which is why we've been going out walking daily, but something tells me this little guy isn't coming early or on time. But with my luck, I'm probably wrong. 

Cravings: Does everything count? But really it is different every day and ranges from ice to chips and salsa. I think my most constant craving though has been spicy food!

Best Moment This Week: I tried running today and it felt horrible but really good at the same time. I tried describing it to Blake and I said, "Imagine you have a 30 lb weight on your core and then you tried to run." It was nice to move like that but boy did it hurt my legs. 

Symptoms: I can't sit for longer than 10 minutes due to severe rib pain. Nausea if I don't eat enough, or often enough and the wonderful heartburn. And he is always moving around! 

Labor Signs: Since I've never had a baby I'm not quite sure but I think I've had a handful of contractions, but again I don't know if they are real contractions or just feeling uncomfortable. I guess I won't know till they start happening constantly. He definitely hasn't dropped yet, well at least I don't think so!

Wedding Rings On or Off: Off :( Luckily my feet haven't swollen but when I go walking (which is daily) my fingers tend to swell up, especially on warmer days. 

Looking Forward To Once Baby Comes: Snuggles, non-maternity clothes, and being able to sit up on my own without the struggle. I could list many more things :).

#thankfultuesday - Abundant Thinking

Picture with text: Abundant thinking is full of gratitude for what you have
1. That my friend who has been living in a tiny apartment could buy a house that would shorten her husband's commute and give her little girl room to run!
2. That my sister's baby is almost due so she can be pain-free again after a difficult pregnancy.
3. That Blake get's to learn and grow so much while in school.
4. That one of my pregnant friends just barely started to experience the back pain that I've been struggling with for so long. 
5. That my mom has been able to start driving again after her shoulder surgery.
6. For our friend who got a dream job to go work at Disneyland and live in California.
7. That Blake got free time last week to do some woodworking, something he loves.
8. That my niece and nephews (and Blake) got to have so much fun at the trampoline place on Saturday.
9. That the young women who promised the elders they would come to church, came!
10. That I got to use my #thankfultuesday this week to be grateful and delight in the joys of others. 

Whose abundance are you delighting in this week?

Thoughts of an Expecting Mother at 34 Weeks

Pregnancy picture at 34 weeks
The title tells it all. Because what expecting mother doesn't spend too much time thinking about the future, especially if it is their first baby. I think a lot about life, this little guy, and how things are going to change. So here are so of my thoughts unfiltered that I hope someday Little Marty (not his name, just a nickname) will get to read:

1. More often then not I try to imagine your cute little face. I wonder if you're going to be a full smiles little guy or if you're going to have a little smirk that looks like you're up to no good like your dad. I wonder if you'll have my dark blue eyes or your dad's light blue eyes. My crazy insane hair or your dad's perfect straight locks.

2. I think about how I'll handle being your mom. You deserve the best and I get nervous sometimes that I won't be able to give that to you know matter how badly I want to. Will you get all the love you deserve? The sleep and food you need? The best education? I think I have a million more questions flying through my brain.

3. I hope Blake and I can show you how much we love you. You aren't even born yet but I already have a love for you I didn't know was possible (shoot I'm tearing up just writing this #pregnancyhormones). Your dad lights up in a way I've never seen when he feels you move in my belly. We love you more than we know what to do with, but I worry sometimes I won't be the best at showing you that. I know your dad will, he has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. Just give me a chance and I'll love you the best I can. 

4. I think about you as a toddler, kid, and teenager way too often. I hope that I will always be your best friend and cool mom even though I still have to be your parent. I imagine you as a little toddler and the adventures you and I will have while dad is at work or school. I hope you'll love being my sidekick as much as I'll love being yours. That you'll think I'm as funny as your dad, as cool as your friend's mom, or as loving as grandma. 

5. I think about when I do have to start teaching you and molding you into a great young man. I hope that if or when I have to discipline you or guide you, that you'll know I do what I do because I love you, not because I like being right or in charge. I just want you to be the best you can be.

6. Be patient with me as I learn with you. Your siblings will have the advantage that I'll have done this whole parenting thing before with you, but you are the first and the guinea pig. We love you just as much as we will love your siblings, but with you, we are learning right along with you. Being exhausted is going to be new to me, taking care of another tiny human being is going to be new to me, and being responsible for someone else will be new to me. So be patient with me when I'm learning how to help you live your best life. 

7. Finally, thank you for making me a mother. There was a time in my life I figured I'd eventually become a mother but I wasn't in a hurry. But that changed and for years it was all I wanted (after a wonderful husband of course). But I had to wait for a few extra years and it was hard. It was hard to see my friends have babies, and then see those babies grow into kids. I searched and searched for my purpose in life since it wasn't my time to become a mom yet. But then you happened, and I'll never forget the feeling I had when I found out you were coming into my life. I knew I loved you more than you'd ever know and I knew I'd found my purpose. 

We love you, Little Marty. I look forward to the life we will have together to prove it. 

President's Day Sales

President's Day Sales

If you know me you know I love a good sale. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I bought something full price. So I wanted to share the love with you today. Here are some of my favorite sales happening for President's Day:

Roolee Boutique: $10 off your purchase of $50 with code PRES10

Target: 30% off home items and 20% off clothing

Old Navy: Up to 50% off

Called to Surf: 30%-50% off winter sale items

Anthropologie: 40% off - I don't shop here much because it is kinda spendy but they have the cutest kitchen items!

H&M: Free shipping and 20% off $100 purchase

I know there are probably millions more but these are some I found and ones I'm having a hard time resisting!

What are you doing for President's Day??

Titlow Park

Titlow Park - Tacoma, Washington

We recently discovered a new park just a few minutes from our house. It was a pretty cold day but I was itching to get out of the apartment and go for a long much-needed walk and we ended up at Titlow Park. If you're in the South Sound area I'd highly recommend it. 

There is a great playground if you have kids, along with some great shoreline to walk along and trails up in the woods to wander through. There is even a cement path that would be a great running path if you're into that kind of thing. 

We don't get out into nature super often just because Blake is crazy busy with school this quarter so when we do it feels extra special. It seems like every little adventure now we end up talking about what it will be like to come back to that same park or place with Little Marty. And it makes me so incredibly happy. We can't wait to show him this great big world and all the fun things there are to do and see!

Can't believe we are less than two months away!

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